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BusinessSA has teamed up with National Crime Check to make getting a police check quicker, easier and 100% online.

BusinessSA discounted Police Checks cost $44.00 GST Inc for those looking for paid work or in currently paid positions.

The Process:

  1. Fill in your basic details
  2. Get Verified using your email/sms
  3. Pay using your Crdit Card (Visa or Mastercard)
  4. Add additional details
  5. Do your proof of identity online; then
  6. Electronically sign your police check application

Want to know more before you begin? see our FAQs

Need help? contact National Crime Check on 1800 080 095

*You should know that Business SA will earn income from providing this introductory service at the special negotiated Business SA member rates. As you would expect, National Crime Check generates income from providing this service, a small portion of which is shared with Business SA on transactions undertaken by our members accessing the special rates.